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Sioux Falls' Mystical Talking Wall

New Product Sioux Falls Talking Wall

Sioux Falls Talking Wall‘Once upon a time, in a not so far away place lived a wall. However, this was no ordinary wall.

Those who knew of the lonely building along the outskirts of the Elmwood Golf Course were sure to keep the unique secret that could be found on its east side wall — or risk ruining the magic.

Time after time, friends, family members and loved ones were baited to this inconspicuous spot and were told of its mystical powers.

‘Speak to the wall. It will speak back,” the trickster would say.

By the time victim could mutter out a complete sentence, they’d be drenched head-to-toe in ice cold water.

(See video).  

The true existence of this building was to the patrons of the Elmwood Golf Course. After a successful (or unsuccessful) round of golf, golfers would clean up their equipment before making the voyage home — or to the nearest bar stool. By depositing a quarter into the brick house, they would trigger a deluge of water.

The proximity between the building and the clubhouse gave it it’s inconspicuousness. Unless you had golfed there before or used the structure for cleaning — it’s existence near Russell Avenue was a mystery.

So, to commemorate Sioux Falls’ long-standing sense of humor — we have created the "Sioux Falls Mystical Talking Wall" graphic tee.  

Talking Wall T-shirt Design

Remember humor keeps us smiling —or sane. Whichever.

Stay Witty!
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