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Academy of Rock-n-Roll ~ School of Dreams

A non-profit organization dedicated to Free music education for children in Sioux Falls, SD and surrounding area.

Wit Wear Co. is proud in supporting the effort in reopening the former Brennan Rock-n-Roll Academy.

Proceeds go to the Academy of Rock-n-Roll ~ School of Dreams

Order your merch now and support in teaching kids how to rock in life!

We are starting fresh & brand new.
Cost includes obtaining the 501c3 status (1023 long form) Application fee payable to the Federal Government.
Trademark Cost. We will trademark the new business name.
Additional cost includes: obtaining 3 months of a lease as we remodel the new location.
Deposit on a new location.
All items will be invoiced & itemized for public record.

So kick out the jam and rock a child's world!